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The Business of Cannabis: Challenges and Considerations for Public Entities and Private Businesses

The Sacramento Business Journal recently published a special report titled “The Business of Cannabis” that includes an extensive Q&A interview with Meyers Nave Principal Ruthann G. Ziegler and Corey Travis, Managing Director of CannaLicensed, a business consultant to the cannabis industry. The panel moderator was Randi Knott, Director of Government and Public Affairs for Genezen, a company building cannabis campuses throughout California.

The Q&A covers a comprehensive range of regulatory, operational, business, political and practical challenges facing the rapidly developing cannabis sector of California’s economy. Ruthann discussed issues relating to land use, environment, water, power, medical vs. recreational, security, public perception, labeling, consumer education, internal grow vs. outdoor grow, transportation, delivery, different regulatory environments in different jurisdictions, and the uncertainty of what the federal government will do. Please click here to read the interview article.