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The Business of Cannabis: What’s Next for Public Entities and Private Businesses?

The Sacramento Business Journal recently published the second in a series of Q&A interviews with Meyers Nave Principal Ruthann G. Ziegler and Corey Travis, Managing Director of CannaLicensed, a business consultant to the cannabis industry. The panel moderator was Francis J. Mootz, Professor and former Dean of McGeorge School of Law.

The panel discussion focused on emerging opportunities and risks for public agencies and private businesses involved in the rapidly developing cannabis industry in California. Ruthann addressed the implications of the Sessions memo rescinding the Cole memo, legal and practical challenges from the banking and finance perspectives, indemnification and disclosure clauses in business licensing requirements, ethics and attorney-client privilege, potential revenue for cities and counties in terms of application fees and taxes, the environmental impacts on air quality and sewage, and the high demand of water and power. Please click here to read the interview.

The first Q&A interview covered a comprehensive range of regulatory, operational, business, political and practical challenges facing the cannabis sector of California’s economy. Ruthann discussed issues relating to land use and zoning, medical vs. recreational use, security, public perception, labeling, consumer education, internal grow vs. outdoor grow, transportation, delivery, different regulatory environments in different jurisdictions, and the uncertainty of what the federal government will do. Please click here to read the first interview.