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Client Alerts

The California state legislature, local government entities, and state and federal courts are constantly changing the environment in which our clients operate on a daily basis and plan their future strategic direction. Staying abreast of new laws, regulations and other legal developments – and analyzing the impact on clients – is what makes our attorneys standout as go-to experts. We share breaking-news information through the timely distribution of Client Alerts, and we encourage you to sign up to receive these updates by completing the subscription information in the left column. Our most recent Client Alerts are provided below, alphabetized by area of law.  Prior alerts are available in the annual archives in the left column or via the search function on our website.

Economic Development, Real Estate and Housing

  • California’s Density Bonus Law: 2019 UpdateJanuary 16, 2019California’s Density Bonus Law provides housing developers with powerful tools to encourage the development of much needed affordable and senior housing, including the right to build up to 35% more homes, and other favorable local development requirements. In 2018, the California Legislature approved four bills that expanded the density bonus to a wider range of housing projects and ... read more
  • Land Use and Environmental Law

    • California Supreme Court Establishes CEQA Rules for EIR’s Discussion of Health EffectsJanuary 9, 2019In an important CEQA case, the California Supreme Court ruled that courts reviewing claims that an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) inadequately discusses environmental impacts must determine whether the EIR “includes sufficient detail” to support informed decisionmaking and public participation. The court also held an EIR must make “a reasonable effort to substantively connect a ... read more