Upcoming Events

Public Contracts Overview and Update On Recent Legislation

APWA - Northern California | Richmond Memorial Auditorium
Meyers Nave Speakers: Eric S. Casher, Richard D. Pio Roda, Benjamin T. Reyes

Please join us for this informative session, which will provide an overview on Public Contracts as well as updates regarding recent legislation.

Labor & Employment Legislative Update
Labor & Employment Legislative Update

Meyers Nave | Meyers Nave Speaker: Spencer J. Wilson

You are invited to join Meyers Nave attorney Spencer Wilson as he provides a comprehensive legislative update in the area of labor and employment law. In this webinar, Spencer will discuss the impact of recent legislative developments, with a primary focus on public sector employers. Spencer's discussion will cover a broad array of topics including efforts to overhaul pensions in the public sector and changes in leave laws, and.  Make sure that your agency is prepared for these new changes in the law.

Getting Ready for a November 2016 Revenue Measure

LOCC | La Jolla
Meyers Nave Speaker: Sky Woodruff

Experts believe that November 2016 will be a favorable election for local agencies in California seeking to pass new revenue measures or renew existing ones. December 2015 is the time to start preparing. Be provided with the information you need to begin planning for the polling, communications, and the procedural steps that are necessary to inform your residents, get a measure on the ballot, and maximize the odds of a successful outcome.

Deferred Mitigation: Case Law and Practice Tips

CLE International | Bar Association of San Francisco Conference Center
Meyers Nave Speaker: Timothy D. Cremin

No shortage of significant CEQA practice issues arose in 2015. The Legislature continued to seek ways to refine the statute. The Supreme Court has several important CEQA cases under review. Four years of drought and an extended time-horizon for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction call for new innovations in CEQA practice. The annual CEQA Conference will again focus on the timeliest topics with high-caliber sessions. This session, with Meyers Nave's Tim Cremin, will cover practice tips and case law regarding deferred mitigation.