Upcoming Events

Bid Protests and the Impact of Recent Legislation

Northern California APWA | Richmond, CA
Meyers Nave Speakers: Eric S. Casher, Richard Pio Roda

An informative session during the 18th Annual Public Works Conference that will cover the handling of bid protests, including the impact of recent legislation.

Labor & Employment Legislative Update

Online Webinar
Meyers Nave Speaker: Spencer J. Wilson

You are invited to join Meyers Nave attorney Spencer Wilson as he provides a comprehensive legislative update in the area of labor and employment law. In this webinar, Spencer will discuss the impact of recent legislative developments, with a primary focus on public sector employers.  Spencer’s discussion will cover a broad array of topics including pension reform, new sick leave requirements, and changes in harassment and nondiscrimination laws.

Board Member Compensation Rules: Salaries, Healthcare, PERS & Expense Reimbursements

CSDA Leadership Academy | San Diego
Meyers Nave Speaker:

This session will address compensation, health care, expense reimbursements and other perks of being a board member, including when it is necessary to report gifts and meals to the FPPC. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the limits on compensation, gifts and what perks a board member can accept and what perks may create conflicts or be impermissible.

Reporting From The Front Lines: An Update On Statewide Vested Rights Litigation

CALPELRA | Monterey
Meyers Nave Speakers: Anya J. Freedman, Arthur A. Hartinger

Join the lead counsel from landmark California cases for a discussion about ongoing vested rights litigation.  (Art Hartinger argued the REAOC case on behalf of the County of Orange in the California Supreme Court and twice in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and served as lead counsel for the City of San Jose in the groundbreaking vested rights case tried in July 2013).  

Employee Discipline 101: Avoiding Common Pitfalls In The Process Of Taking Corrective Action

CALPELRA | Monterey
Meyers Nave Speaker: Jesse Lad

While the majority of public agencies provide due process rights to their employees, many of those agencies make mistakes that negatively impact on their ability to take appropriate corrective action in the face of misconduct and performance deficiencies. This interactive session presents challenging real-life scenarios while walking participants through a potential discipline issue from start to finish – from the time the issue is reported to the employee’s supervisor or HR department through the potential imposition of discipline.

Interplay Of Key Leave Laws: Navigating ADA, FMLA, FEHA, And Workers’ Compensation Law

CALPELRA | Monterey
Meyers Nave Speakers: Edward L. Kreisberg, Jesse Lad

In this interactive session, you’ll learn a step-by-step method for navigating the various leave and disability laws, including the ADA, FMLA, FEHA, and workers’ compensation laws. You’ll also learn how to bring closure in the case of employees on extended leaves.

Bargaining Perspectives From A Union And Management Expert: What You Need To Know!

CALPELRA | Monterey
Meyers Nave Speaker: Edward L. Kreisberg

This session features a leading union-side attorney and negotiator and a sought-after agency negotiator sharing their unique perspectives on negotiating during these challenging financial times. Both have negotiated, advised, arbitrated, and/or litigated pension and retiree health benefit issues, health changes, and implementation of layoffs and furloughs, and will discuss the realities in working out deals on these and other hot labor issues when money is tight.

What You Need to Know About Public Records and Open Meetings in California

Lorman Education Services | Oakland
Meyers Nave Speakers: Richard Pio Roda, Benjamin T. Reyes

Avoid compliance confusion and expensive litigation - Arm yourself with an updated knowledge of current labor issues and refine your skills.

How to Lead Without Breaking the Rules

California Council of School Attorneys | San Francisco
Meyers Nave Speakers: Camille Hamilton Pating, Richard Pio Roda

From the fictional House of Cards to real-life drama of San Francisco politics, the plot seems to thicken when you become an elected official. But not following the rules can have tragic consequences, especially now with the public’s piqued interest of politicians landing in hot water.