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Medical Marijuana in the Workplace: A Legal Overview and Practical Suggestions for the Future

In the twenty years since medical marijuana became legal in California, public acceptance of both medical and recreational uses of the drug has continued to increase. A 2014 study estimated that 1.4 million Californians have used marijuana medically. Moreover, 2016 could be the year California legalizes recreational marijuana – at least one legalization initiative is likely to appear on the November 8 ballot, and as of 2015, 56 percent of likely California voters favored legalization of recreational marijuana.

With the increasing medical and recreational use and acceptance of marijuana, it is now more likely than ever that California employers will have to confront new and complex issues relating to medical marijuana in the workplace. What does this mean for California employers? To help employers understand the current state of the law and develop appropriate approaches for addressing employees’ use of medical marijuana, Gina Roccanova, Chair of Meyers Nave’s Labor and Employment Practice, published an article in California Special District magazine titled  “Medical Marijuana in the Workplace: A Legal Overview and Practical Suggestions for the Future.” Gina shares her insights and suggestions regarding drug testing protocols, statutory language regarding employers’ accommodation of medical marijuana use, and alternate approaches for addressing the use of marijuana by employees.

For more information on this topic, join Gina at CSDA’s General Manager Leadership Summit on June 14th as she presents “Medical Marijuana in the Workplace: Sorting Through the Legal Haze”.