Our Values

Meyers Nave promotes a culture of pro bono work, fair treatment of our employees, participation in community service and events, cultural awareness and a long-standing commitment as an Equal Opportunity Employer within the legal community.

We promote an environment that encourages and supports integrity, diversity, professional growth and personal fulfillment. And we respect and honor each individual's cultural differences and provide professional services that encourages a fair, equal and sustainable way of life.
Our communities consist of diverse people and cultures who have a variety of personal experiences, worldviews, and circumstances. This diversity enriches and forms who we are and is the source of our strength, innovation and creative accomplishments. Similarly, Meyers Nave's source of strength, innovation and creative accomplishments springs from the attorneys and professional staff who work here. We strongly believe that diversity is more than a philosophy; it is an integral component of our practice and who we are as a firm.
By embracing the multitude of experiences and viewpoints of our attorneys and staff, we enhance our practice. We broaden and deepen our understanding of the needs and challenges of our clients to create innovative and timely solutions.
Our values include the following:

  • Integrity: Our employees maintain the highest professional, moral, and ethical standards.
  • Professional excellence: Our employees are knowledgeable and skilled, and work to meet or exceed clients' standards and expectations. All employees are held accountable for their actions and results.
  • Collaboration and teamwork:  Everyone at Meyers Nave is encouraged to work in teams and share resources.  We encourage our attorneys and staff to look for ways to be productive while being cost-effective.
  • Responsible stewardship: We are sensitive to our changing and fragile environment. We believe in creating and fostering an environmentally sustainable workplace. By actively recycling and separating compostable materials from regular trash; employing automatic lights; stocking our kitchens with compostable plates, cups and utensils; and printing on both sides of paper, which is 100% post consumer waste, we utilize resources in a sustainable manner. Our offices are all accessible via public transportation, offering our workers the chance to reduce their carbon footprints. As part of our LEED Certification, we seek to continually educate our employees on what it takes to be green.
  • Volunteerism: We foster community service as individuals and as a firm.
  • Diversity: Meyers Nave promotes effective communication and feedback to break down barriers. We value differences in points of view and promote sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others. Attorneys and staff are expected to treat others in a fair and equitable manner regardless of background and ability.