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Labor and Employment

Meyers Nave’s Labor and Employment Law Practice Group consists of attorneys who focus 100 percent of their practice on labor and employment issues. We represent private, public and non-profit organizations throughout California in the full range of labor and employment rules, regulations and procedures, including litigation and appeals in state and federal courts, as well as administrative hearings and appeals involving grievance, discipline, and unfair labor practice matters. We also provide daily advice, conduct workplace investigations, perform audits of policies and programs, and provide training.

We have extensive experience with the California Labor Code, Meyers-Milias-Brown Act, Title VII, Fair Employment and Housing Act, Title IX, Fair Labor Standards Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Family Medical Leave Act, California Family Rights Act, class actions, employment contracts, employee privacy and free speech rights, whistleblower laws, and other employment laws. Our labor lawyers have experience with labor organizations that represent every type of employee—rank and file, management and professional. A key strength of our labor negotiations practice is our broad perspective litigating and arbitrating on the same issues often negotiated at the bargaining table.

One of the distinguishing factors of our Labor and Employment Law Practice is that we have had a specialty Workplace Investigations group for more than 10 years. The #MeToo movement sparked an immediate surge in employers needing workplace investigations conducted by independent outside counsel. Many law firms and consulting organizations introduced new workplace investigations services and many focus on investigators with prosecutorial backgrounds. Meyers Nave is proud to be able to immediately assist clients with a decade of expertise based on conducting over 150 workplace investigations on virtually every type of allegation.
#MeToohas created a seismic cultural shift in society’s awareness of the wide-spread presence of sexual harassment and assault in nearly every sector of the economy. New California laws in response to #MeToo create additional requirements for employers that are designed to address sexual harassment and gender discrimination and remove some underlying structural issues that have enabled this environment to develop and persist in the workplace. Employers must adapt to the lessons learned and new expectations for effective harassment prevention policies, credible investigations and relevant training programs. Meyers Nave is helping employers leverage #MeToo as an opportunity to create a more inclusive and civil workplace culture that helps prevent harassment from occurring, and when it does occur, makes it more likely to be reported  . Our ideas, observations and new approaches are described in articles published by our attorneys, which are linked below.