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Public Records

More than ever before, the public expects transparency and accountability from government, and the California Public Records Act is the public’s primary tool for accessing information to monitor the functioning of government agencies. With nearly 30 years of experience serving public entities, Meyers Nave is the “go-to” firm for helping public agencies understand the law’s requirements, exemptions and penalties; establish plans and protocols for efficient and cost-effective compliance; and develop strong defenses in the event of a courtroom challenge.

Our comprehensive experience helping clients avoid compliance problems ranges from offering proactive advice, counseling and training to providing regular updates on the law and developing new ideas for best practices and processes. Meyers Nave attorneys have handled thousands of Public Records Act requests on behalf of cities, counties, special districts, school districts, successor agencies, municipal corporations, transit districts, commissions, boards, committees, nonprofit entities and joint powers authorities.

Our attorneys have expertise with requests that reflect the extensive scope of public agency interests and operations, including records relating to construction projects, commercial lease negotiations, the resolution of litigation, employee performance investigations, student records and telephone usage by public employees, among many other scenarios. In special instances, we also help public entities obtain public documents through the Public Records Act.