Public Finance


The integrative approach of our Public Finance Group draws upon the expertise in a multitude of the firm’s practice areas. This provides results that respond to each client’s immediate needs as well as the bigger picture.

Recognizing that with a vision comes a monetary hurdle, we help public agencies access a wide array of financial resources—while adhering to the requirements and limitations of state and federal laws—so they can accomplish their goals in a fiscally prudent manner.

Our team delivers financial legal services on such projects as housing; water and sewer system improvement projects; taxes, fees, and assessments for ongoing operations and maintenance; public safety projects, such as seismic upgrades and road improvements; utility undergrounding financing; environmental projects, such as wetlands and open space preservation; and refunding bond issues to generate savings from reduced interest rates.


  • Members of our Public Finance Practice Group serve as bond counsel, disclosure counsel and issuer’s counsel to a broad range of public agencies and non-profit corporations.

  • We regularly advise clients on the creation of all types of financing districts: assessment districts, community facility districts, integrated financing districts, community rehabil­itation districts, joint powers authorities, and more.

  • We pay close attention to the need of municipalities and public agencies to manage their borrowing.

  • Given that public agency revenue measures often require voter approval, our integrated approach to public finance incorporates expertise in elections law.

  • We know firsthand what public agencies face when confronting financial hardships, including the political and economic factors. When the situation warrants a restructuring of municipal debt to avoid or mitigate a bankruptcy, we provide efficiency, in both cost and services, so our clients can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • We advise our clients on revenue raising opportunities and related borrowing.  Our knowledge of local revenue measures encompasses a broad range of taxes, fees, assessments and charges.