Public Power and Telecommunications


Meyers Nave provides advice to its clients on all aspects of telecommunications, cable, and wireless communications facilities law. We have represented our clients in negotiations with telecommunications companies, cable companies, wireless communications companies, and public and private utilities.


  • Many public agencies are facing the renewal of cable franchises that were originally granted in the 1970s and 1980s. Since that time the cable industry has significantly changed as control has been consolidated in a few major players. We counsel our clients on all aspects of cable franchise renewals, extensions, and transfers, including those conditions and exactions that can (and cannot) legally be obtained as part of the negotiating process.

  • Meyers Nave offers in-depth knowledge and a team approach to public agency and private clients on a comprehensive range of energy-related legal services.

  • In the 1990s, public agencies saw an unprecedented demand for access to the public right-of-way by companies seeking to install high-speed fiber optic conduit and cables. Although, arguably, demand has lessened, there still exists a significant demand for space in the public right-of-way from these companies.

  • The 1980s saw an explosion in the construction of wireless communications antennas and towers to provide cellular telephone services. These antennas and towers raised significant concerns from the public regarding visual blight and potential health side effects.