City of Richmond Victory in Racial Discrimination Case

April 11, 2012

Meyers Nave congratulates the City of Richmond, Police Chief Chris Magnus and now-retired Deputy Chief Lori Ritter on their victory in a racial discrimination case brought by seven police officers. After a three month trial, with Arthur Hartinger and Geoff Spellberg of Meyers Nave representing the City, Chief Magnus and retired Deputy Chief Lori Ritter, the jury unanimously found in favor of the Chief, former Deputy Chief and the City on all 28 causes of action.  We are gratified by the jury's unanimous affirmance of the defense position.   

We recognize that this trial was complex and lengthy and would like to thank the jury members for their time and we applaud the jury's unwavering focus on the facts in this case.

The City of Richmond is, and always has been, committed to cultivating a diverse workplace and performance-based professional opportunities for its tremendous staff. With this matter reaching conclusion, after years of litigation, the City is now able to devote its energy to the work that matters most: continuing to decrease crime rates and providing vital services for the citizens of Richmond.