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Published Articles


Environmental Law

  • New Lautenberg Act: How Does it Impact Chemical Regulation in the 21st Century?November 1, 2016The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) was enacted in 1976 to evaluate and regulate the thousands of chemicals that were being manufactured or imported into the U.S., but has been viewed as largely ineffective. In 2013, bi-partisan efforts were initiated to craft legislation to overhaul TSCA. After many legislative drafts and significant negotiation, the "Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for ... read more
  • Stormwater Discharge: Preventing Enforcement ActionsOctober 17, 2016Constantly changing federal, state and local regulations governing stormwater discharges are intended to improve the management and control of runoff water, but the practical result often increases both the complexity of compliance and cost of noncompliance. It is absolutely critical to know when you are subject to stormwater regulations, under what circumstances permits are required, and what to ... read more

Labor and Employment

  • Joint Employment Issues: What Does the Future Hold for Employers?November 22, 2016The Department of Commerce reports that nearly 3 million people worked as "temporary help service workers" in 2015. Approximately 6 million more work for franchises and another 2.7 to 3.4 million work on an ongoing basis through professional employment organizations (PEO), which assume all of the payroll, benefits and human resources functions of their client entities and serve as the employer of ... read more
  • Labor Negotiations Strategies in A New and Improving EnvironmentOctober 31, 2016Labor negotiations during and just after the great recession were difficult and even unpleasant at times, but they also were fairly straightforward. The message to unions was clear and simple - the condition of the economy and the resulting financial challenges for employers generally eliminated funds for wage increases. However, those dire conditions have been gradually improving. And, with a ... read more
  • Medical Marijuana in the Workplace: A Legal Overview and Practical Suggestions for the FutureApril 25, 2016In the twenty years since medical marijuana became legal in California, public acceptance of both medical and recreational uses of the drug has continued to increase. A 2014 study estimated that 1.4 million Californians have used marijuana medically. Moreover, 2016 could be the year California legalizes recreational ... read more

Municipal and Special District Law

  • Drones: Critical Issues for Local GovernmentsAugust 1, 2016Drones can provide an efficient and low cost method for local governments to perform various tasks, such as surveying work and conducting structural analysis, as well as assisting in difficult or dangerous situations, such as firefighting and search-and-rescue missions. However, obtaining and using a drone requires more than simply purchasing the drone and assigning an employee to operate ... read more
  • Privacy Expectations in an Era of DronesMay 1, 2016The Federal Aviation Administration's Aerospace Forecast projects that the number of small unmanned aerial systems, also known as drones, in the U.S. will increase from 2.5 million in 2016 to 7 million in 2020 (4.3 million hobbyist and 2.7 million commercial). The updated ... read more

California Drought – Legal Services & Resources

  • The “Waters of the United States” Rule Sows Yet More ConfusionMay 1, 2016The Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers have attempted over a number of years to develop a workable definition of "waters of the United States," which form the boundaries of federal jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act. The new rule was intended to provide the regulated community with bright-line certainty while ... read more