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Municipal and Special District Law

  • Practical Tips for Negotiating Today’s Complex IT Services ContractsFebruary 28, 2019Information technology equipment and services are critical to every aspect of a public entity’s daily operation. For example, information technology is the foundation for providing free Wi-Fi in downtown areas, upgrading a police department’s dispatch system, creating large scale systems for public records data retention, and enhancing a city’s fiber-optic network to provide ultra-high ... read more
  • Labor and Employment

    • Mandatory Arbitration of Employment Claims: Is It Still Worth It?January 29, 2019The debate over mandatory arbitration provisions in employment agreements has always assumed that arbitration clauses favor employers. However, the most recent developments in a wage-and-hour case against fast-food restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill have called that assumption into question. As news reports about the case have suggested, Chipotle’s push to enforce its arbitration provision ... read more

    Public Contracts