City of Rancho Cordova

Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Rancho Cordova v. The Lily Company

After a 7-day trial, Judge Raymond M. Cadel, judge of the Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento, overruled the Lily Company’s legal challenge to the use of eminent domain by Meyers Nave's client.


In an effort to implement its redevelopment plan and to eliminate blighted conditions along Folsom Boulevard in the City of Rancho Cordova, the RDA filed an eminent domain action in 2009 to acquire an approximate 9-acre site owned by the Lily Company. The Lily Company filed a legal challenge to the RDA’s legal authority to use eminent domain, and Judge Cadei held a 7-day trial on that challenge in October. 


In upholding the RDA’s right to take the property, Judge Cadei stated that the Resolution “contains ample evidence of the blighted condition of the subject property and the surrounding area, of the need to acquire the subject property in order to further the objectives of the City’s Redevelopment Plan…to lead to the greatest public good and the minimum of private injury.” Furthermore, though the Lily Company contended that the RDA colluded with the Los Rios Community College District on a proposed deal involving the District’s potential purchase of the property, Judge Cadei stated that the “Court finds no evidence to support” that claim. Judge Cadei overruled other claims made by the defendant, ultimately declaring the RDA’s “right to take defendant’s property pursuant to the Resolution of Necessity.”


Status: Completed
Completed Date: December 2010


David W. Skinner
David W. Skinner

David Skinner is the Managing Principal of Meyers Nave. A renowned trial attorney with over 21 years of experience, David represents public agencies in a wide array of complex and high profile litigation matters. He has successfully tried numerous jury and bench trials in Southern and Northern California.