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Speaking Engagements

Meyers Nave attorneys regularly speak at workshops, seminars and conferences that serve local, state and national audiences. Examples of organizations that host events where our attorneys speak include the League of California Cities, California Special Districts Association, California Public Employers Labor Relations Association, State Bar of California, City Attorneys Associations, Urban Water Institute, Southern California Public Labor Relations Council, California Council of School Attorneys, American Public Works Association, Conference of California Public Utility Council, Municipal Finance Institute, Association of California Water Agencies, International Municipal Lawyers Association, CLE International, Law Seminars, Lorman Education Services, and numerous universities and colleges.

Below is information about our upcoming speaking engagements. Please contact info@meyersnave.com if you would like to inquire about a Meyers Nave attorney speaking at your event.

  • Drones: An Update on Regulatory Issues, Public Agency Use and Civil Liberty ConcernsOctober 12, 2016Please join Meyers Nave attorney Kristopher Kokotaylo for a presentation titled "Drones in Your District: Technology, Existing Law and Privacy Concerns" at the California Special Districts Association's Annual Conference on October 12 in San Diego. The Federal Aviation Administration is tasked with ensuring that drones are operated safely within navigable airspace, but the FAA has declined to address the privacy rights of citizens on the ... read more
  • State Mandated AB 1234 Ethics TrainingOctober 11, 2016Please join Meyers Nave Principal Richard Pio Roda for a two-part session on State Mandated AB 1234 Ethics Training at the Annual Conference of the California Special Districts Association on October 11 in San Diego, CA. Assembly Bill No. 1234 mandates local agency officials must receive two hours of ethics training every two years. Richard will cover all of the required topics for local agency officials ... read more
  • Emergency Situations: Advice and Guidance for Public EntitiesOctober 11, 2016Please join Meyers Nave Principals Richard Pio Roda and Britt Strottman for a presentation titled "Uh-Oh! How to Steer the Ship Back to Safety in Emergency Situations" at the California Special Districts Association's Annual Conference on October 11 in San Diego. Natural disasters, political scandals, personnel issues and controversial capital projects  are a few of the many events  that could plunge a public entity into emergency ... read more
  • First Amendment Update on Solicitation and Panhandling OrdinancesSeptember 30, 2016Please join Meyers Nave Principal Deborah Fox, Chair of the firm's statewide First Amendment Practice Group, for her presentation on recent developments in First Amendment law focusing on solicitation and panhandling regulations. Deborah's presentation takes place at 10:30 am on Friday, September 30 during the annual conference in San Diego of the International Municipal Lawyers Association. Most forms of solicitation and panhandling receive First Amendment ... read more
  • Workplace Investigations: Fundamentals, New Case Law and Emerging IssuesSeptember 30, 2016Please join Camille Hamilton Pating, the leader of Meyers Nave's statewide Workplace Investigations Team, for her presentation at the Annual Conference of the International Municipal Lawyers Association on September 30 in San Diego. Investigating allegations of workplace misconduct by public sector employees involves unique procedural and substantive considerations, as well as complex challenges that are presented by high-profile situations when the subject is an elected ... read more
  • Past Practices: What They Are and How to Handle ThemSeptember 29, 2016Please join Meyers Nave Principal Eddie Kreisberg for his presentation on “Past Practices” at the Annual Training Conference hosted by the Public Employer Labor Relations Association of California (PELRAC) on September 29th in San Diego, CA. Past practice remains one of the least understood and most challenging areas of labor relations. While most public entities understand their obligation to meet and confer on a new MOU ... read more