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Celebrating 30 Years

In 2016, Meyers Nave celebrated three decades of wonderful clients, dedicated employees and precedent-setting work. We greatly appreciate the opportunities we have to help clients resolve their most complex and highest priority legal and regulatory challenges. We are proud of the differences that we have made together in the communities where we live and work throughout California. Our successful past has set the stage for an exciting future and our ongoing growth powers the momentum that moves us forward. We thank all the clients and employees who have been part of the pioneering journey that brought us where we are today and we look forward to everyone who will join us in the years to come. Please click here for our Firm Overview.

Friends and Family

Meyers Nave began in one office with five attorneys focused on one primary area of law. The firm has expanded across California with attorneys advising on more than 20 complex fields of law. We serve public, private and non-profit organizations located throughout California, as well as clients based in other states that have interests in California. Amidst our growth and change, the essence of what makes us different remains the same – we treat work colleagues as friends and clients as family.

Vision and Purpose

Our founders had a clear goal – provide clients with more effective, efficient and responsive legal services by creating a law firm that offers all the general and specialty areas of expertise that clients typically have to obtain from numerous law firms. But we did not stop there. Meyers Nave changed the traditional business model from one that viewed clients as purely consumers of legal services to one that builds teamwork relationships. Meyers Nave attorneys serve as proactive partners with clients, leveraging the knowledge and experience of all our practice groups to provide strategic insights that help protect clients from issues before they arise and position us as the best advocates when challenges are unavoidable.

Character and Principles

The path to our success is guided by three fundamental and enduring principles – impress our clients, inspire our employees and involve our communities. We are here to do well as a business by doing right as a business citizen; we are here to make a difference for our clients, employees and communities; and we are here to advance the practice of law and help lead the legal profession’s influential role in society. Meyers Nave dedicates itself to improving diversity and inclusion throughout our offices, in the legal profession, and in our communities – wherever we can have an impact. We are proud of who we are, the values that define us and the work that we are doing to help make the world a better place for everyone.