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A Checklist of Reporting Obligations for Hazardous Material Spills

Almost every industrial facility has hazardous material on site. Small spills or emissions of that material can trigger immediate reporting obligations. Companies that do business in multiple states face the dual challenge of understanding federal release reporting laws and state laws that could impose additional requirements. Meyers Nave Of Counsel Viviana Heger and Andeavor Senior Counsel Deborah Felt published an article in the ACC Docket that helps simplify reporting and provides companies with general legal guidance when spill accidents occur.

Vivi and Deborah’s article includes:

  • Compliance checklist of federal and California laws and regulatory requirements
  • First three investigation steps for every incident to help determine the reporting path
  • Approaches to voluntarily reporting incidents even if under a reportable threshold
  • Overview of penalties and liabilities
  • Answers to five frequently asked questions

Please click here to read their article.