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Client Alerts

The California state legislature, local government entities, and state and federal courts are constantly changing the environment in which our clients operate on a daily basis and plan their future strategic direction. Staying abreast of new laws, regulations and other legal developments – and analyzing the impact on clients – is what makes our attorneys standout as go-to experts. We share breaking-news information through the timely distribution of Client Alerts, and we encourage you to sign up to receive these updates by completing the subscription information in the left column. Our most recent Client Alerts are provided below, alphabetized by area of law.  Prior alerts are available in the annual archives in the left column or via the search function on our website.

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Public Finance

  • Appellate Court Rules Simple Majority May Adopt Special Taxes Through Initiative ProcessJuly 9, 2020 The California Court of Appeal recently issued a decision holding that local special taxes placed on the ballot through the initiative process only require a simple majority to pass. The case did not involve special taxes that are proposed by a local agency’s legislative body, which still require two-thirds voter approval. The June 30 decision in City and County of San Francisco v. All ... read more


  • Legislature Poised to Adopt Bill Legalizing Housing on Commercial PropertyJuly 2, 2020Assembly Bill No. 3107 (Bloom) and Senate Bill No. 1385 (Caballero) recently cleared their respective houses with the same objective—legalizing residential uses on land designated for commercial uses. Since both houses passed bills with the same goal, it is likely that a bill reflecting the shared goal will be presented to the Governor. The two bills take very different approaches, and it ... read more
  • California’s Density Bonus Law: 2020 UpdateJanuary 21, 2020California’s Density Bonus Law provides housing developers with tools to encourage the development of much needed affordable and senior housing. In 2019, the California Legislature passed new legislation that provides for an 80% density bonus to be granted to 100% affordable housing projects, the largest density bonus ever required under California law. That legislation, read more
  • AB 1763 Allows Affordable Housing to be Built Denser and TallerJanuary 13, 2020Assembly Bill 1763 permits 100% affordable housing projects to be built denser and taller through three modifications to current law (outlined below) that are designed to help reduce costs associated with the development of affordable housing. AB 1763 is one of over twenty housing bills approved by the California Legislature in 2019, each one taking a different approach to easing the state’s ... read more

Municipal and Special District Law