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Daily Journal Profiles Amrit Kulkarni re: California Supreme Court CEQA Victory

In a highly anticipated decision regarding the California Environmental Quality Act, Berkeley Hillside Preservation v. City of Berkeley (S201116, filed March 2, 2015), the California Supreme Court essentially set a new standard of review in a landmark case that Law360 considers to be “the biggest CEQA case” and the Daily Journal describes as one that affects “how public agencies handle common exemptions from California’s bedrock environmental law.”

The Court resolved years of uncertainty by holding that a project’s purported environmental effects must be “due to unusual circumstances” before an environmental impact report can be required under Guidelines section 15300.2(c). The Court also resolved another long-standing divide among Courts of Appeal, holding that an agency’s findings as to unusual circumstances are subject to the substantial evidence standard.

Please click here to read the Daily Journal’s March 3 Cover Story on Amrit Kulkarni’s victory before the California Supreme Court. For more information about this case and CEQA, please contact Amrit Kulkarni at (213) 626-2906 or akulkarni@meyersnave.com.