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Drones: Critical Issues for Local Governments

Drones can provide an efficient and low cost method for local governments to perform various tasks, such as surveying work and conducting structural analysis, as well as assisting in difficult or dangerous situations, such as firefighting and search-and-rescue missions. However, obtaining and using a drone requires more than simply purchasing the drone and assigning an employee to operate it.

Local governments need to consider a variety of critical issues before utilizing this rapidly advancing technology. In addition to complying with federal regulations, public agencies should develop drone-use policies and procedures, and then be ready for the unenviable task of addressing the highly sensitive concerns that local residents may have about privacy and safety.

Please click here to read “Drones in Your District: Technology, Existing Law, and Privacy Concerns,” an article published in California Special District magazine by Meyers Nave attorney Kristopher Kokotaylo.