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Administrative Hearing Procedures and Practice

Your client comes to you with a pending adjudicatory hearing before an agency—a hearing that could significantly impact the client’s business or personal interests. What do you do?

Administrative hearings can arise in many different contexts—the suspension of professional and vocational licenses, nuisance abatement, zoning and land use permits, fair hearings before the Department of Developmental Services, and hearings before the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, just to name a few.

This program will familiarize attorneys with the general procedures and practices before California’s various administrative agencies. Learn how agencies make decisions and how the process and rules can differ from those in court. The program will also examine some of the important differences in practice among the key state agencies that hold adjudicatory hearings. Join us to learn the ins-and-outs of agency practice and to gain the skills you need for your next matter before an administrative agency.

Program Highlights:

  • Due Process Concerns for Quasi-Judicial Hearings – What is Required and How it Varies
  • Overview of the California Administrative Procedure Act
  • Comparison of Formal and Informal Administrative Hearings
  • The Role of the Office of Administrative Hearings and Administrative Law Judges
  • The Role of Agency Attorneys
  • Evidence and the Burden of Proof
  • Hearing Records, Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies and Court Appeals
  • Practice Tips and Insights