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Board Member Compensation and General Manager Evaluations: Special District Leadership Training

Embassy Suites La Quinta Hotel & Spa

Please join Meyers Nave Principal Richard Pio Roda who is a featured speaker presenting two sessions at the California Special District Leadership Academy in La Quinta, CA on January 26 and 27. The SDLA is a curriculum-based continuing education program that provides the knowledge for elected and appointed directors and trustees to perform their essential governance duties.

Two Presentations:

  • “Board Member Compensation: What’s Ok and What’s Out of the Norm?” This session will address compensation, health care, expense reimbursements, and other potential perks of being a board member, including when it is necessary to report gifts and meals to the FPPC. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the limits on compensation, gifts, and what potential perks a board member can accept and what perks may create conflicts or be impermissible. (January 26, 1:15pm – 2:45pm)
  • “Conducting Effective General Manager Evaluations: Keys to Success” Every governing body has among its primary responsibilities a thorough and professional evaluation of its General Manager. The performance review process can be most effective when it incorporates goal-setting, sets expectations, provides for open dialogue, and has in place defined accountability standards. This session will provide the tools to conduct evaluations that will help ensure that the board and the GM are aligned on the direction and goals of their organization. (January 27, 8:30am – 10:00am)