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California Land Use and Zoning: Regulatory Overview and Recent Case Law Developments

You’re invited to attend a webinar on June 29 titled “California Land Use and Zoning: Overview and Recent Developments,” presented by Adam Lindgren, Principal in Charge of Meyers Nave’s Sacramento Office and member of the firm’s statewide Municipal and Special Districts Law Practice Group.  Adam is the co-author and co-managing editor of California Land Use Practice, an annually updated comprehensive publication on land use law published by Continuing Education of the Bar. The agenda of the Lorman Education Services-hosted webinar is available here.

The webinar will provide a brief overview of the structure and major tools that are needed to understand and address many development and zoning issues, as well as an analysis of recent major cases and statutes.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Zoning – regulatory approaches to zoning and limitations on zoning authority
  • Subdivision Map Act – when a map is required, types of maps, and conditions of approval
  • Variances and Conditional Use Permits
  • Illegal Uses and Nonconforming Uses – right to continue nonconforming use and termination
  • Challenging Land Use Approvals – standards of review and statutes of limitation