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COVID-19 Return to Work Issues: How to Navigate the Changing Landscape for Your Return to Work Plan

As COVID-19 vaccines become more available, bringing employees back to work safely requires a detailed Return to Work Plan. Employers must adapt to ever-changing local, state and national requirements to keep employees, clients, customers, vendors, and the visiting public safe. On March 17 (10:10–11:00 AM), Meyers Nave Labor and Employment Law Principals Camille Hamilton Pating and Janice Brown will present an interactive virtual session at the HR West Conference to answer employers’ frequently asked questions about new health and safety protocols, vaccine policies, COVID-19 related notice requirements, issues relating to employees who refuse vaccines, issues relating to employees who refuse to return to work, and resources for the evolving hybrid workplace.

As the “new normal” at work continues to be defined, Camille and Janice’s session provides employers with insight on how to implement new policies, train teams on newly created programs, and assess Diversity and Inclusion impacts. The session will provide employers with a practical approach to develop a detailed reopening plan that meets legal requirements, minimizes potential litigation risks, manages employees who continue to work from home, and advances and protects the employer’s brand.

The session will cover:

  • Determining who returns to work and when, where and how
  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of vaccination policy options, including require, encourage, educate, incentivize or none of these
  • Managing workplace safety on a daily basis, including travel, health checks, masks and social distancing, and other requirements
  • Preparing for mandated legal reporting of COVID-19 positive cases at work
  • Understanding what to do when an employee refuses the vaccine or refuses to return to work
  • Avoiding the types of employment litigation claims most likely to arise from the “new normal” workplace

Registration Information

Date: Wednesday, March 17
Time: 10:10-11:00 AM
Registration: Please register by clicking here on the HR West Conference 2021 website.
Virtual Presentation: This virtual session is part of the HR West Conference 2021. HR West will provide you with email log-on instructions after completion of your registration.