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Critical Elements of the DDA/OPA

May 3-5: Redevelopment Institute, California Redevelopment Association (CRA), San Ramon, CA

Developing and negotiating a Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) and Owner Participation Agreement (OPA) are critical skills for the redevelopment official. This workshop presents the basics of redevelopment transactions, including the theory behind agency participation; identifying agency goals, sources of funding, and forms of assistance; problems associated with types of assistance; and special issues, including industrial and manufacturing facilities, toxic remediation, seismic retrofit, historic and code-related rehabilitation, and unauthorized assistance. The workshop covers soliciting, analyzing, and evaluating the project proposal; negotiating the redevelopment deal, including documenting the deal, negotiation technique, and the commonly negotiated issues; getting approval of the DDA/OPA, including notice and hearing requirements and CEQA considerations; and implementing the DDA or OPA, including architectural review, land use entitlement processing, and site acquisition. The instruction also addresses escrow procedures and closing the transaction; construction monitoring; monitoring of use and operation; and workouts, terminations, and amendments.

Workshop length: Two days (14 hours). MCLE Credit: 12.00 hours.

Professional Level Elective Course for CRA’s Professional Development Recognition Program

For information and registration, visit the CRA website.