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Fee, FY, Foe Fiduciary? Who Can You Trust to Act in Your Best Interests?

What is fiduciary duty, who has fiduciary duty to another and who is entitled to fiduciary duty from another? School district business officials work extensively with parties who serve as fiduciaries to the district and can themselves have fiduciary duty to the district and to other parties, such as employees. How confidential are confidential conversations with attorneys or regarding personnel matters? Understanding fiduciary duty is crucial in two respects: as it relates to properly serving as a school district business official and for one’s own career. It’s not uncommon for school district employees to find that a change of position or a difficult circumstance results in sticky wicket conflicts of interests, including having confidential information used to support a negative job performance review. Attend this session and hear the dilemmas raised by case studies, get practice in clarifying issues, gain knowledge of best practices and leave armed with new insight.