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Fundamentals of Land-Secured Financing

March 24: California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC), Emeryville, CA

Sam Sperry, Program Co-Chair, and other public finance professionals will cover the following sessions in this full-day program.

  • Basic Structure of Assessment and Community Facilities Districts – This session provides background information on requirements, eligibility, exactions, benefit findings and “reasonableness” determinations of assessment district versus community facilities district financings.
  • Pre-Formation Considerations – This session reviews issuer considerations when choosing between special tax or assessment district financing for infrastructure.  Speakers also discuss public works contracting versus project acquisition, assembling a resource team, and establishing a liaison with other local agencies and developers.
  • District Formation Process – This session compares the steps involved in forming assessment and community facilities districts, including elections and balloting, levying assessments or special taxes, and financial reporting.
  • Project Implementation – This session reviews steps involved in implementing a project financed with community facilities district or assessment district bonds. Speakers cover considerations such as property acquisition, environmental clearances, and for developer deals, the topic of prevailing wages and the need for a written agreement between the local agency and the developer.
  • Bond Issuance – This session reviews the mechanics of bond issuance. The speakers discuss the financing team, the structure of the financing, and the bond sale process, including whether the bonds should be sold through a negotiated or competitive process.
  • Administration of Liens and Bonds – This session discusses local agency responsibilities for the ongoing administration of community facilities district special taxes, special district assessments, and the bonds secured by both, as well as effective programs and strategies for managing delinquencies, including the expansion of collection efforts to respond to spiking delinquency rates where they occur.

Sam will be joined by:

Lawrence G. Rolapp, Chief Executive Officer, Fieldman, Rolapp & Associates;

Susan Goodwin, Managing Principal, Goodwin Consulting Group;

Tina Rocha, Administrator – Infrastructure Financing Programs, City of Modesto;

Joan Cox, P.E., Vice President and Manager of Financial Engineering, Harris & Associates; and

Emil A. Marzullo, Executive Director, City of San Bernardino Economic Development Agency.

For information on this program or to register, visit the CDIAC website.