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Newsom Issues Three COVID-19 Brown Act Orders: Here’s What He Urgently Changed

Governor Newsom recently signed three Executive Orders that changed fundamental limitations and requirements of the Brown Act.  He signed Executive Order N-25-20 on March 12, Executive Order N-29-20 on March 17, and Executive Order N-35-20 on March 21. Before everyone had figured out the section of the March 12 order that addressed the Brown Act, parts of that section were withdrawn and superseded by the March 17 order and the remaining parts continued in the March 17 order. And then the March 21 order made more changes – all of which relate to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Executive Orders’ Brown Act changes are outlined here.

Meyers Nave Principals Eric S. Casher and Richard D. Pio Roda provided a webinar explaining how the Executive Orders change the Brown Act. They also shared practical advice about how to implement the changes and conduct public meetings in the new COVID-19 environment.