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Past Practices: What They Are and How to Handle Them

The Handlery Hotel

Please join Meyers Nave Principal Eddie Kreisberg for his presentation on “Past Practices” at the Annual Training Conference hosted by the Public Employer Labor Relations Association of California (PELRAC) on September 29th in San Diego, CA.

Past practice remains one of the least understood and most challenging areas of labor relations. While most public entities understand their obligation to meet and confer on a new MOU or personnel rule or policy, the rules regarding what constitutes a past practice, and how they may be changed, remains less clear.

In this session, seasoned negotiator and labor relations advisor Eddie Kreisberg will help:

  • Identify differences between a binding past practice vs. something just having occurred a certain way
  • Explain how zipper clauses might impact an entity’s ability to change a past practice
  • Describe the extent to which fact-finding or other impasse procedures might apply
  • Provide useful pointers regarding how best to change past practices
  • Outline how to avoid past practices in general

Date: Thursday, September 29, 2016

Time: 1:30 – 2:45 PM

Where: The Handlery Hotel, San Diego, CA

For more information on PELRAC’s Annual Training Conference or to register, please click here. To view the full conference brochure click here.