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SB 9 and ADU Law: The Toilsome Twosome

Join Meyers Nave Of Counsel Claire Lai and Alex Mog for a webinar on “SB 9 & ADU Law: The Toilsome Twosome” hosted by the Northern California Chapter of the American Planning Association.

The newly effective Senate Bill 9 (SB 9) facilitates the creation of up to four primary housing units on lots in single-family zones. The bill sets certain eligibility and environmental assessment criteria for qualifying units and requires municipalities to create ministerial, streamlined approval procedures. Recent statutes providing for property owners’ ability build accessory dwelling units (ADU) in residential zones together with SB 9 create additional housing opportunities and limit the local discretionary review process. However, state law applies certain requirements and benefits differently to primary units and ADUs.

In this webinar, Claire and Alex will discuss the specifics and interactions of these two approaches to housing production, clarifying their differences and similarities to help planners best implement their communities’ housing goals.

Date: Friday, July 29
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST
Registration: Please click here.
Questions?: Contact Libby Tyler, FAICP, Northern Section Ethics Director, at
(217) 493-4372