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What Does AB 1484 Really Mean in the Post-Redevelopment Era?

AB 1484 requires those involved in the redevelopment unwind process to implement some significant new rules of conduct just as they were beginning to adapt to and implement the complex rules mandated by the Dissolution Act itself.

Much attention has been devoted to AB 1484’s claw-back provision as well as components of the law that open the possibility of continuing some redevelopment programs and enabling some bonds to be issued. A panel of attorneys and consultants will discuss these and other related topics including important dates and deadlines; changes to ROPS; due diligence of unobligated funds, and more. Participants will also have an opportunity to ask questions.

Meyers Nave’s Susan Bloch will be part of a panel of experts, including Dave Schey – HdL Companies; Bill Ihrke – Rutan & Tucker; Andy Hall – Jones Hall; Sara Brown – Stone & Youngberg; and Ken Al-Imam – Mayer Hoffman McCann.