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Meyers Nave was formed in 1986 by Steven Meyers, Elizabeth Silver and Michael Riback. Driven by a strong belief in public service, the Founding Principals’ initial focus was to provide legal services to public entities (including cities and special districts) in Northern California. Such services included serving as City Attorney to cities and General Counsel to special districts. Many cities and special districts in California did not have their own in-house counsel. Instead, they relied on private law firms, such as Meyers Nave, to act as their general counsel on a contract basis. Meyers Nave added many highly skilled attorneys over the years to serve in this important role and beyond. The Firm also provided legal services to public and private entities in other specialized areas of law. These areas of law included (among others) land use and environmental law, labor and employment law, tort defense and police matters, and redevelopment law.

Meyers Nave built a highly regarded reputation for providing effective, efficient and responsive legal services to our clients. Our client list grew to include to more cities in California than any other private law firm. Equally important, the Firm provided specialized legal services to public entities for which the Firm did not act as city attorney or general counsel, including counties, redevelopment agencies, transportation authorities, cities and special districts.

Meyers Nave experienced significant growth and expanded geographically, opening offices throughout California, adding numerous associates, of counsel attorneys, paralegals and support staff to provide the necessary infrastructure to serve our clients, transitioning from a small Northern California law firm to a medium-sized statewide California law firm.

Today, Meyers Nave’s continuing growth reflects the ongoing strength of the founding public law practice combined with a long-term strategic plan that focuses on serving public and private entity businesses, non-profit organizations, and public-private partnerships. We focus on our core practice groups in key industries to provide the most value to our clients.

Our Founding Principals had a trailblazing vision to create Meyers Nave and their forward-thinking energy continues to guide the Firm’s pioneering spirit and commitment to providing the highest quality legal services throughout California. With offices in Oakland, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Diego, our attorneys handle our clients’ most complex matters, highest profile cases, and strategically important mission-critical legal issues.