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Jump-starting Stalled Redevelopment Projects

Despite the state of the economy and the real estate markets, cities can benefit by getting their stalled redevelopment projects back on track. This article discusses how cities can revive their projects and the benefits of doing so.


“When faced with a redevelopment project that begins to unravel, cities should first remember  that, in the final analysis, it is the city itself that benefits when a project is completed.  Successful redevelopment projects bring new residents and businesses to a formerly under-utilized site; such projects revitalize neighborhoods as more people come in to shop and dine; and they generate sales and property tax revenues.  This makes it more than worthwhile for a city to invest in these projects to make sure they get back on track.”

Go here to read the full on “Jump-starting Stalled Redevelopment Projects.

Published in Daily Journal
November 13, 2009
Posted with the permission of Daily Journal Corporation, 2009.