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Labor Negotiations Strategies in A New and Improving Environment

Labor negotiations during and just after the great recession were difficult and even unpleasant at times, but they also were fairly straightforward. The message to unions was clear and simple – the condition of the economy and the resulting financial challenges for employers generally eliminated funds for wage increases. However, those dire conditions have been gradually improving. And, with a little bit more money, employers’ negotiations strategies need to be more nuanced and defensible, not less. Being effective in bargaining today requires even more preparation and a more fully thought out approach than ever before.

In an article published in California Society of Municipal Finance Officers magazine, Meyers Nave Principal Eddie Kreisberg shares practical insight from his recent negotiations experience in today’s economy. He explains the importance of spending time evaluating how best to spend available dollars and demonstrating to unions the need to dedicate some dollars on other priority and competing needs. Please click here to read Eddie’s article on how to improve your chances of success in concluding negotiations with deals that will not derail the employer’s economic recovery and will lead to enhanced mutual understanding with labor going forward.