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Lawyers Club of San Diego Conference for Women Leaders: “It Can Be Done: 2018 Leadership Summit, Empowering You to Lead”

Lawyers Club of San Diego is a specialty bar association founded in 1972 to advance the status of women in the law and society. The organization hosted a Leadership Summit in November 2018 and Meyers Nave Associate Annie Smiddy wrote the article featured in the association’s January 2019 newsletter that describes the event’s speakers, topics and takeaway messages.  Annie is a member of the Leadership Development Committee, which helps to develop Lawyers Club members into leaders in their communities and their professions. Annie’s article is summarized below and available here.

The 2018 Leadership Summit included two panel discussions and a roundtable discussion where local leaders brainstormed real-life obstacles to leadership. Trailblazing women shared personal stories about overcoming challenges to become leaders in the practice of law and in the community. Their inspiring messages created a feeling of empowerment and an understanding that “It can be done!”  As Annie explained, the presenters reminded attendees that, as attorneys, we are already leaders. We have powerful voices. The Leadership Summit emphasized how important it is to use our voices to open doors for future generations of women leaders.

The five key messages from the conference are:

  1. Be persistent and patient
  2. Think like a role model
  3. Be in the moment, but plan for the future
  4. Show up
  5. Rise up together