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League of California Cities Appoints Three Meyers Nave Attorneys to Serve on its Post-Redevelopment Working Group

In mid-February, the City Attorneys division of the League of California Cities formed a Post-Redevelopment Working Group to address issues arising out of the dissolution of redevelopment agencies and to formulate new strategies to support continued economic development efforts.  Three Meyers Nave attorneys have been appointed to serve on the task force and its subcommittees.

Susan Bloch chairs the subgroup addressing Property Transfers/Litigation and City/Agency Agreements, and is also a member of the Housing subgroup and the subgroup addressing ROPS/bonds and cash flow matters.  Leah Goldberg serves on the CEQA/Land Use/Polanco Act subgroup and Jesse Lad serves on the Labor & Employment/Retirement/PERS subgroup.  Each of the subgroups has drafted Q&A and discussion papers addressing issues related to implementation of ABx1 26. 

The papers are available from the following link:  http://www.cacities.org/Policy-Advocacy/Hot-Issues/Redevelopment-Dissolution-Resources-and-Informatio.aspx