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Meyers Nave Attorneys Win Appeal for City of Dinuba

Meyers Nave is pleased to announce a substantial victory in a case that affects all public entities that receive property tax revenues, particularly redevelopment agencies that depend on property tax increment revenue to fund their operations.

In City of Dinuba, et al. v. County of Tulare, et al., Case No. S143326, the Court of Appeal for the Fifth District considered the ability of the City of Dinuba and its redevelopment agency to recover tax revenues improperly calculated and withheld by Tulare County. Due to the County’s incorrect assignment of tax rate codes to parcels within the City’s redevelopment project, the City did not receive the full tax revenue to which it was entitled over a five year period. When the City, after an independent audit, notified the County of the error, the County agreed to correct the assessment roll prospectively, but refused to make the correction retroactive and remit the misallocated tax monies.