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Meyers Nave’s Public Law Expertise Profiled in Windsor Times

OAKLAND – In an Oct. 28 article titled “Municipal law experts doing brisk business in Sonoma County,” the Windsor Times profiled Meyers Nave’s prominent position in Sonoma County through Robin Donoghue’s role as City Attorney for Healdsburg and Cotati and Town Attorney for Windsor, along with Jose Sanchez who serves as Cloverdale’s City Attorney. The article includes complimentary remarks from local clients. As the article reported, “The small local office doesn’t reflect the scope of Meyers Nave’s offerings to the towns, according to Healdsburg City Manager David Mickaelian. ‘They are a large firm, with access to specialists. When we have had airport issues, they have access to an aviation specialist. We deal with Robin as a generalist, so to speak, but it’s nice to have that mix of resources with Meyers Nave.'” The article also noted that “Windsor Town Manager Linda Kelly said that just being able to bounce legal questions off of Robin was of vital importance for the business of running Windsor.” Please click here to read the article.