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Cleanup and Contamination Litigation (CERCLA/RCRA/Common Law)

Our environmental attorneys serve as lead counsel in litigation regarding contaminated sites throughout California.

When environmental contamination is discovered (or alleged), involved parties may be confronted with significant exposure. Claims are often asserted under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), state environmental laws and common law. Meyers Nave lawyers help clients respond quickly and develop and implement strategies to navigate these complicated issues.

Highlights of our experience include the following.

  • Currently defending a sanitary district client against a CERCLA/RCRA action related to contamination from dry cleaning solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons and a RCRA 90-day notice of intent to sue by a downgradient property owner. Combined, the two matters involve three separate pieces of property and over 20 potentially responsible parties.
  • Successfully defended five public entities, and served on the Steering Committee for the Municipal Joint Defense Group in a 30-party, $80 million CERCLA contribution action related to a hazardous waste landfill closure (Acme v. Alton CD, et al.).
  • Filed a CERCLA action against a former owner and operator of a gold mine that contaminated our client’s property, which led to a settlement obligating the mining company to permit, build and operate a treatment plant.
  • Successfully defended 11 cities in a CERCLA action regarding the alleged disposal of public waste at the Cal Compact Disposal Site in Los Angeles County.