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Comprehensive Advice Throughout the Eminent Domain Process

We help public entities use eminent domain authority effectively and responsibly to build public projects. From project planning to public hearings, and from negotiation to trial and appeal, we help keep the process on track and minimize public entities’ financial risks.

For example, during project planning, we work closely with our clients on project schedules, legal imposition of deadlines, land use issues, title and complex valuation issues, and potential court challenges. We also provide in-depth counsel to clients on compliance with federal and state regulations such as the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), state and federal endangered species legislation, and other related laws.

Our knowledge of the intricacies and nuances of eminent domain valuation principles enables us to better estimate land acquisition costs and make recommendations to minimize litigation costs and attorney fees. We are attentive and authentic, and this approach reduces concern for both the agency and the property owner.

Our ultimate goal is to develop and implement cost-effective and timely land acquisition strategies that meet each client’s unique needs and goals. If a matter proceeds to litigation, we have the skills and experience to deliver positive results in the courtroom. We have been responsible for several published court decisions and changes in legislation that have helped shape eminent domain law in California. Our appeals have established important legal precedents for public entities.