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Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Given that lawsuits can sever relationships and prove costly, we strive to reach agreement through mediation and arbitration. However, at times, litigation is necessary.

Our team represents clients through all phases of contract and construction litigation from claim analysis and negotiation to trial and appeal.

In addition to defending claims filed by contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, etc., our litigation team has actively pursued and been extraordinarily successful in recovering amounts due to our clients on various construction projects. We often deal with insurance and surety claims, and have secured insurance coverage and funds for settlement or project completion.

For example, we helped the City of Larkspur obtain $8.3 million from an international engineering firm to recover the cost of replacing a prematurely deteriorating vehicle bridge. Since the 10-year statute of limitations had expired, the firm was only able to pursue the claim on a fraud and concealment theory. After overcoming two summary judgment motions, and following a six-week trial, we secured a win for our client to rebuild the bridge.