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Election Law

Given that public agency revenue measures often require voter approval, our integrated approach to public finance incorporates expertise in elections law.

Our work on local ballot initiatives includes revenue enhancement and preservation, bond authorization, land use, and the internal organization of public agencies.

We are fully knowledgeable about the legal framework in which California’s public agencies obtain financing, and the laws that are central to obtaining necessary registered voter or landowner-voter approvals for public financing, especially Proposition 218.

For measures sponsored by our clients, we assist with the development of content, advise about the procedural requirements for the election process and coordinate with staff and public communications consultants to ensure that the local agency is able to conduct a lawful educational campaign.

When an agency receives a voter-sponsored measure, we provide counsel regarding the procedural requirements for handling initiatives, referenda, and recalls, analyzing the lawfulness of the measure and assisting with development of litigation strategy when appropriate.