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Published Articles

The California state legislature, local government entities, and state and federal courts are constantly changing the environment in which our clients operate on a daily basis and plan their future strategic direction. One way our attorneys provide superior value is by authoring articles in professional journals and legal newspapers that provide both context and analysis on a wide range of critical issues impacting public and private entities.  Our most recent published articles are provided below, alphabetized by area of law. Prior articles are available in the annual archives in the left column or via the search function on our website. If you have a question about one of our articles or would like one of our attorneys to write an article for your publication, please contact us at info@meyersnave.com.

First Amendment

  • First Amendment AuditorsJuly 31, 2023On November 3, 2020, two men wearing tactical vests and armed with a handgun stood outside a ballot box and filmed voters dropping off ballots in front of the Arapahoe County administration building in Littleton, Colorado.  Alarmed county staff approached the men and asked them what they were doing while others called the police.  In response to the county staff’s questioning, the men ... read more