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Published Articles


Municipal and Special District Law

  • Developing Trends in Medical Marijuana RegulationsAugust 15, 2013Seventeen years after the passage of Proposition 215 (the “Compassionate Use Act” or “CUA”) and nine years after the adoption of Senate Bill 420 (the “Medical Marijuana Program Act” or “MMPA”), local governments still wrestle with medical marijuana’s continued controversies. Issues faced by local governments range from regulating or banning dispensaries and marijuana cultivation ... read more
  • Crisis Management

    • Under California: Knowing What Lies BeneathJune 3, 2013Most people are generally unaware of what lies beneath the streets they travel on each day. Depending on the level of urbanization in a given community there may be multiple systems of lines and pipes for conveying water, sewage, storm drainage, petroleum, gas and communications systems including fiber optic, telephone and cable television services — as well as electrical conduits and ... read more
    • How They Were BuiltFebruary 4, 2013What does it take to start a law firm? What’s it like? Was it easier a few decades ago? What has changed? Where do the pitfalls lie? To try to answer some of these questions, Don Oppenheim, former law firm executive director and consultant to many California law firms, interviewed three founders or co-founders of leading Bay Area law firms, each now in the later stages of his career. The ... read more