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Published Articles


Municipal and Special District Law

  • Drones and the Potential Redefinition of PrivacyApril 1, 2014Law360, New York (April 01, 2014, 3:19 PM ET) -- The term “drones” — or UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles — may be most commonly associated with overseas military activity, but the use of such technology domestically, on a smaller physical scale, is set to explode. Unlike traditional model airplanes, UAVs are typically equipped with sophisticated cameras, and they can also be ... read more
  • Public Finance

    • At the Margins of Taxpayer StandingFebruary 11, 2014It may come as little surprise that in order to assert taxpayer standing, one must be a taxpayer. In fact it may be more surprising to learn that standing to bring suit can be premised only upon payment of taxes. A concept long rejected for federal taxpayers, payers of state and local tax nonetheless have broad standing under California law to bring suits to restrain the illegal expenditure or ... read more