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Published Articles


Environmental Law

  • A Checklist of Reporting Obligations for Hazardous Material SpillsOctober 25, 2018Almost every industrial facility has hazardous material on site. Small spills or emissions of that material can trigger immediate reporting obligations. Companies that do business in multiple states face the dual challenge of understanding federal release reporting laws and state laws that could impose additional requirements. Meyers Nave Of Counsel read more
  • First Amendment

    • New Safe Sidewalk Vending Act: What Does it Mean for Cities and Counties?October 23, 2018Whether, where, and under what terms to allow sidewalk vending has historically been a question left to each unique city and county to address after weighing the often competing interests of various local stakeholders. All that changed on September 17, 2018, when Governor Brown signed SB 946, the Safe Sidewalk Vending Act, into law. Effective January 1, 2019, sidewalk vending will be elevated to ... read more
    • Social Media & Government: What Are the New Rules of Engagement?October 8, 2018Government entities and elected officials are becoming more accessible and connected to constituents through the ubiquitous use of social media, email, text messaging and other communication technologies. The 21st century question is what may government entities and elected officials do and not do to regulate the public’s participation in their social media accounts? Once social media accounts ... read more

    Workplace Investigations

    • Top 5 #MeToo Lessons for EmployersJuly 18, 2018The #MeToo movement created a seismic cultural shift in society’s awareness of the widespread presence of sexual harassment and assault in business, media, Hollywood, and government. In the still unfolding aftermath, all employers must adapt to five primary lessons learned that relate to effective harassment prevention policies, credible workplace investigations, and updated training programs. ... read more

    Commercial Litigation