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Published Articles


First Amendment

  • Knight v. Trump: Second Circuit Sets Rules on Blocking Followers from Social Media AccountsAugust 7, 2019In the highly anticipated case involving President Trump’s Twitter account, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit found that the President’s blocking of followers on his @realDonaldTrump account was unconstitutional viewpoint based discrimination. In its unanimous opinion in Knight First Amendment Institute v. Donald J. Trump, the Second Circuit affirmed the lower court ... read more
  • Workplace Investigations

    • Update on Workplace Rights of Transgender and Non-Binary EmployeesJuly 16, 2019Recent California laws and regulations provide protections for transgender and non-binary employees, ranging from expanding the Fair Employment and Housing Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender, gender identity, and gender expression, to specific regulatory codes that address restroom access, the option for a non-binary gender marker on state identification documents, and ... read more

    Labor and Employment

    Commercial Litigation

    • SCOTUS Expands Statute of Limitations for FCA WhistleblowersMay 28, 2019Under the federal False Claims Act, a false claim action must be brought by whichever is later: (1) six years after the violation or (2) “3 years after the date when facts material to the right of action are known or reasonably should have been known by the official of the United States charged with responsibility to act in the circumstances, but in no event more than 10 years after the date on ... read more