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  • Achieving Fiscal Sustainability and Avoiding Bankruptcy; Options for a Brighter TomorrowDecember 6, 2012Agencies facing challenging financial times need to know the options available to them, and there are options. With an understanding of restructuring debt, negotiating changes in employee compensation layoffs and contracting out options, and what it really means to declare a fiscal emergency or contemplate bankruptcy, agency management can more effectively address spiraling costs and set themselves on a path to fiscal sustainability. Using case ... read more
  • Vested Rights: What We Can and Cannot ChangeDecember 5, 2012More than ever, California’s public agencies need to understand the nature of vested rights as agencies develop strategies to reform benefits and address financial challenges.  This session will focus on recent cases handled by the presenters, including legal challenges to a ballot approved pension measure in San Jose and retiree health reforms at issue in Retired Employees Association of Orange County v. County of Orange, ... read more
  • Advising Employers in the Midst of Retaliation ClaimsDecember 5, 2012This informative session will tackle that challenging situation concerning employees who have both performance issues and continually assert retaliation, DFEH and EEOC charges, grievances, PERB charges, and litigation. How do you manage the situation? If and when should you investigate, and what are the do’s and don’ts from a management perspective.
  • Social Media and School EmployeesNovember 29, 2012Social media has become a walking landmine for school administrators. The public and media have fed on stories of inappropriate teacher behavior and student bullying on social media websites. Meanwhile, teachers and students increasingly rely on social media for school projects.
  • National Institute for Newly Elected Officials – School Board Session: How do I Get Started?November 16, 2012This informative session will cover key areas to consider after your election. These steps include creating your support/sounding board network; setting realistic goals for your first term; navigating the institution; constituency services; staffing (if any); leadership opportunities; working with colleagues; developing your message for your first term; working with the media; and planning for re-election.
  • Scooby Doo – Where Are You? Navigating Leaves of AbsenceOctober 12, 2012Navigating Leave Laws can be similar to taking a trip in the Mystery Machine to a spooky place with unknown secrets. Don't let your skills get Shaggy...come learn leave lessons that are important to know. At this year's PELRA 2012 Conference: "Adventures in HR - From Superheroes to Looney Tunes"
  • The Legalities of Public Agency Participation in ElectionsOctober 5, 2012An informative session on the legality of using Agency funds for campaign-related materials, such as fliers sent around campaign time, and polling to support Agency initiatives.
  • Nightmare to Hollywood Ending: Special Districts Getting Out of the RedSeptember 27, 2012Attendees will learn about what some special districts are doing to become more fiscally prudent, the pros and cons of declaring either fiscal emergency or Chapter 9 bankruptcy, and options public agencies have to attract new revenue. Please click here to register for this event on the CSDA website.
  • Can I accept that gift? What You Need to Know About the Updated FPPC Gift RegulationsSeptember 26, 2012FPPC amendments to the gift regulations can leave officials in a minefield of confusion. This session will cover the amendments to the gift regulations, and provide attendees an understanding of whether a gift is actually a gift.
  • Doing the Right Stuff: Case Study of a Successful Ballot MeasureSeptember 25, 2012Panelists will guide a discussion into the process, elements, roles and responsibilities when a local government agency decides to go for a ballot measure – particularly one that raises revenue from the public.