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  • Getting Ready for a November 2016 Revenue MeasureDecember 3, 2015Experts believe that November 2016 will be a favorable election for local agencies in California seeking to pass new revenue measures or renew existing ones. December 2015 is the time to start preparing. Be provided with the information you need to begin planning for the polling, communications, and the procedural steps that are necessary to inform your residents, get a measure on the ballot, and ... read more
  • Public Contracts Overview and Update On Recent LegislationNovember 18, 2015Please join us for this informative session, which will provide an overview on Public Contracts as well as updates regarding recent legislation.
  • Drone Technology, Existing Law, and Privacy ConcernsOctober 30, 2015This panel, during the Emerging Technology & Privacy Conference, will examine developments in and use of drone technology. The panel will discuss the safety and privacy concerns raised by private-party drone use and the existing and proposed laws regulating its use. The session will also address existing and proposed laws governing drones use by law enforcement, as well as the constitutional concerns uniquely raised by ... read more
  • An Update on Public Records Act Requests at the California Public Utilities CommissionOctober 19, 2015You are invited to attend the Conference of California Public Utility Counsel's 2015 Annual Meeting October 18 through October 20 in Monterey. Britt Strottman, Principal and Chair of Meyers Nave’s Crisis Management: Public Policy, Ethics and Investigations Practice Group, will participate on a panel discussing the topic of “To Disclose or Not to Disclose? Public Records Act Requests at the California Public Utilities Commission.” Britt’s ... read more
  • How to Address Job-Protected Leaves of AbsenceOctober 14, 2015You’ve got an employee who is constantly out because of a work-related or non-work-related condition...what do you do? What is required of you under the FMLA, CFRA, and other leave laws that provide job protections for employees? Can you do anything, or do you just have to continue to allow an employee to be out on leave? Your agency’s response to these questions and handling ... read more
  • Current Issues On Bidding, Contracting and Claims on California Public Works ContractsOctober 6, 2015This topic is designed to provide persons working in public works construction with a review of new developments in procurement, a review and refresher on common bid protest issues, and a discussion of new developments and major claim and risk issues that arise on many public projects. We will review changes in recent years that have expanded the range of potential project delivery methods, including ... read more
  • Basics of Municipal Finance: Revenue Sources, Debt Financing, and Spending and Debt LimitationsOctober 2, 2015Timely topics and quality content specifically designed for and by City Attorneys during the City Attorneys' session at the LOCC Annual Conference and Expo. Join Meyers Nave's Sky Woodruff for his informative session covering the basics of municipal finance, including revenue sources, debt financing, and spending and debt limitations.
  • Uh-Oh! How to Steer the Ship Back to Safety in Emergency SituationsSeptember 24, 2015Natural disasters, political dramas, personnel issues, and capital projects gone awry are just some possibilities that could plunge a district into emergency mode. We’ll provide the tools to navigate these crises with composure, in both short and long terms.
  • What’s New at PERB? Recent Developments and Key PERB DecisionsJuly 13, 2015This presentation discusses recent developments in PERB law and procedure, including PERB decisions that your agency needs to know about.  The instructor also discusses the pending Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case and the potential issues and changes you can expect if the United States Supreme Court strikes down mandatory agency fees.  
  • Current Developments in CEQA Law and PracticeJune 12, 2015This session will cover cutting-edge CEQA issues, focusing on recent and pending California Supreme Court cases. Highlights include the "reverse CEQA" issue, baseline, exceptions to the use of categorical exemptions, the proper approach to GHG analysis, the effect of fiscal constraints on the duty to mitigate impacts, whether increased demand for emergency services is an environmental impact, the standard of review applicable to changes in ... read more