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  • May Public Officials Block or Regulate Participation on Social Media Accounts?May 1, 2019Elected officials and government entities are becoming more accessible and connected to constituents through social media. The 21st century question is what may government entities and elected officials do and not do to block or otherwise regulate the public’s participation in their social media accounts? Part of the answer to that question was underway on March 26 when a three-judge panel for the U.S. Court ... read more
  • At-Large vs. District-Based Elections: Legal Challenges, Financial Risks and Compliance ProceduresMarch 19, 2019Public agencies across California are facing a wave of demand letters threatening litigation if they do not change their at-large elections (all voters can vote on all candidates) to district-based elections, which requires creating district maps that separate the public entity into defined geographic areas from which that area elects a representative. Further, if public agencies do not switch to district elections, the California Voting ... read more
  • How Do Municipalities Comply with the FCC’s New Rule on Small Cell Wireless Deployment?January 30, 2019California municipalities are constantly faced with a changing regulatory framework related to the next generation of wireless services, known as 5G, which requires installing vast numbers of small cell equipment. These new networks present completely different local regulatory issues than the 3G and 4G networks of the past, which involved constructing large towers with a coverage range of a few miles. Supporting advanced 4G and ... read more